AlgoFest 2023 commemorative NFT. 50% of proceeds will be donated to Rainforest Trust. To be used in future Algonauts events. Designed by CoffeeX.

Sponsored By:
Algorand Foundation

All times EST

Cooper Daniels is the Host and creator of The Recoop on Youtube. Coop is an avid Algonaut and will be your main Host for Algofest 2023, bringing you conversations and roundtables from across the community

Speakers & Panelists

Welcome to the amazing line-up for Algofest 2023

Sean Ford

iCEO of Algorand

Staci Warden

CEO of Algorand

John Woods

CTO Algorand

Abdul Osman

CEO of Goracle

Agash Navaranjan

CTO of Randgallery

Benedetto Biondi

CEO of Folks Finance


Social Media Influencer

David Garcia

CEO of Borderless

Fergal Walsh

CTO Tinyman

Ibu Karel

Ecosystem - Folks Finance


Social Media Influencer

Jay McCarthy

CTO of Reach

John Clarke

Co-Founder AlgoFi

Jon Vlassopulos

CEO of Napster


Social Media Influencer

Keli Callaghan

Partner at Arrington Capital

Michael Cotton

CPO of Optio

Misa Zhang

CEO of Algomint

Parker Bryant

Co-Founder at Fracctal Monsters

Samantha Palmer

Developer at Goracle

Sea Will

Social Media Influencer

Stefan Hechenberger

CEO of Defly